Recommended Tools & Supplies

I've been asked a couple times about supplies and tools needed, or what I recommend across the board. I'm going to link the tools/supplies/materials that I have been using below. Some of these are used in my patterns, and others are just items I use on a daily basis for bagmaking.

I can only speak to what I have used. There may be better options out there! I buy from small businesses when I can, but I also shop outside of them for standard items. Always use your best judgement and price check before you buy!

Full disclosure, I have shopped around for some items, but you may be able to find it cheaper since my initial search/purchase. Also, all Amazon links are my amazon aff links, so I do get paid a small percentage if you buy with those links but you don't pay any extra.



  • 1/2" Hole Punch  (You'll need this if you use the force fit grommets)
  • Rivet/Grommet Press  (You can find these cheaper elsewhere. This is just where I purchased mine.)
  • Hand Hole Punch 
  • Standing Hole Punch - Use this with any hand tools (though once you start getting the larger tools it won't hold them i.e. 3/8" and up hole punch) - But I love it for normal rivet hole punching and other hardware hole punching. It is spring loaded and typically the hand hole punch you'd use with a hammer are sharper than the squeeze hole punch. You can see it in a couple of my tiktok videos, but it's essentially a manual drill press. I cannot recommend this enough if you are assembly lining products, or have hand dexterity issues (squeezing).
  • Seam Roller 
  • Olfa 6x12 Non-Slip Frosted Ruler 
  • Heat Erasable Pens (Disclaimer: Beware of using the black on white/light fabrics. As with almost all Erasable pens, they will not fully come off, so make your marks small, within the seam allowance, or right under your stitching line.)
  • Steam Press (If you can swing it, this would be one of my top recommendations. I don't put water in it, but it has made a world of difference for fusing Decovil light/heavy, foam, fleece, woven, etc. I highly, highly recommend trying to thrift one or consider this an investment. Seriously - such a game changer. I waited until this last Feb to purchase one and I consistently kick myself for not investing earlier.)
  • If you purchase a steam press, also purchase thisIt will protect your press from interfacing glue.
  • Scratch film for packing/protecting your bags (Beware, I have had it take off the finish of some older rainbow hardware, but only once and only on rainbow.)
  • Glue:
    - Fabri-tac (fabric) 
    - E600 (hardware
    - Loctite (screws): (This is permanent and red. Beware and be careful.)
  • Cutting Mat: (This mat doesn't have quarter inch markings, but it's huge! And they have smaller sizes. I love the large size. I had to trim it down slightly to fit my table.)
  • Blacklight Flashlight (for glow in the dark items)
  • Turntable for Product Photography



My industrials are a cylinder arm Juki 1341 and Juki 1181. My domestic is a Juki HZL-DX7. All are great machines, but not the cheapest. I typically use Amann Tex 45 or Tex 70 in both with a size 16 needle in my domestic and 18 in my industrial.