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For those interested, custom orders/commissions are not offered at this time.

*2024 Update*

I will not be offering monthly shop updates due to the difficulty of managing those + pattern releases. When I design a new pattern, I typically sell my prototypes as I make a lot of bags in a short amount of time. I will continue to do that, so expect those "tester" or "prototype" sales to happen 3x this year, but that will be the extent of large drops.

Outside of those drops, I will be focusing on more artistic/complex bags. I want to really dive into each bag and focus on quality not quantity. I want to try out the ideas floating around my head and push further into my creativity, not just make things that look nice and match well - that will be the focus of the tester bags. I want to take my time and fully enjoy the process instead of feeling rushed to make as many as I can. This will mean most of these items will probably be auctioned off vs a set price, but we'll see how it goes!

Thanks for sticking around, and thanks so much for your continued support! 

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