Handmade products crafted with blood, sweat, and magic.

And swearing. Lots of swearing.

Meticulous and thoughtful digital sewing patterns to level up your stitchcraft game to new heights.

  • Stay Sexy, Shop Small

    Each bag is made with high-end materials for style, durability, and fun! Almost all materials are sourced from other small businesses.

  • Embrace Your Weirdness

    Show off your fandom loud & proud or subtle & fancy. Geek-out in style. Nerd it up in the best way. I've got you covered regardless.

  • Zoom in. Do it.

    My meticulous nature means that every stitch, every piece of hardware, and every little detail matters. So take that closer look!

  • As Unique As You Are

    Every single bag I have made is unique. I love making every item as special as I can by allowing every make to take me on its own journey.

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